With the racing bike on European tour

Our Krisztian Bodnar has used the company vacation for sporting excellence and evening grief. With his racing bike and a camera in his luggage he explored a part of Europe and so also a few of the international Thomas Lorenz projects.

Summer, sun, beach and sea!

True to the motto "Summer, sun, beach & sea - the company vacation must (finally) come!" we are from 16.08.2022 up to and including 19.08.2022 in the well-deserved company vacation.

Megaproject reconstruction Jauntal bridge

The Jauntal Bridge, popular with bungee jumpers, is 430 meters long and 96 meters high, making it one of the highest railroad bridges in Europe. Extensive construction measures are now pending.

Raiffeisen Business Run 2022

"Full throttle to the finish" is probably the secret motto of the ever-growing TLo team. With a new record of 25 runners, the TLo team was strongly represented again this year at the Raiffeisen Business Run in Graz.

Construction completion Med Campus Module 2

With the Med Campus Graz, the Federal Real Estate Company and the Medical University of Graz are building one of the most modern centers for medical research and teaching in Europe. Module 2 is now structurally complete.

KOOP-AWARD for elevated road Inzersdorf

Already for the For the 3rd time the most cooperative teams in infrastructure and building construction were awarded - Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH was represented among the prize winners for the 2nd time.


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