Thomas Lorenz’s team electrified

The pioneering role is in Thomas Lorenz's blood. The first electric car was purchased in 2016 and he has long been electric on short journeys already.

Largest Inner-City Construction Project in Carinthia

As the largest inner-city construction project in Carinthia, currently the "MaxPalais" by Gerhard Mosser is in the media. According to his specifications, living in the future is to be created in Villach near the train station.

Q1 Green Tower grows roots

The area of ​​the former Reininghaus brewery is currently being transformed into an attractive district with different uses. By 2025, residential and commercial areas, recreational areas, a school campus and much more will be built on 20 construction sites.

Thomas Lorenz goes VR

For some time now, every planning project at Thomas Lorenz has been modeled in 3D. All information is managed in a central Revit building model. Now the next step were taken to be able to experience what has been planned up close.

Another ÖBA Contract!

Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH received another order for the construction management and ÖBA department. In the immediate vicinity of the Med Campus Graz, ZWT GmbH is building a new research and laboratory building for around € 12 million.

Construction Site Med Campus Linz in final Phase

Another milestone has been achieved in Linz, the escape stairs of the teaching building have been installed. The double-flighted staircase enables an escape from the two floors above the lecture hall in an emergency. After all, a height of around 14 meters is overcome and the span of the stairs is around 25 m.


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