Structural Engineering

Support systems - stable and robust!

The supporting system is the backbone of any building. It must be robust and stable and withstand all loads. We develop load-bearing structures that meet these requirements, are aesthetically pleasing and can also be realized economically.

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Our services at a glance
  • Construction consulting for architectural competitions
  • Conception of economical load-bearing systems
  • Close cooperation with architects in design
  • Assistance with tenders and cost estimates
  • Implementation planning in concrete, steel, wood and glass
  • Planning of excavation pit support and shoring
  • Detailed statics for steel, glass and facade construction
  • Surveys of existing buildings and building tests

Structural engineering 3D with the BIM method

We calculate and plan consistently in 3D. We automatically derive the static calculation model from the construction model. We transfer the calculation results directly into the construction model. Data consistency is our new doctrine! We read information for tenders and production from the models and maintain changes efficiently and consistently.


We answer your questions quickly and reliably.


Graz, Wien


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