General Planning

We coordinate your planning

We are your central contact for your project in the planning phase, coordinating all the planners and technical consultants involved and taking on the entire planning responsibility. Assign us – customers appreciate our experience and our high quality service!

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Our services at a glance

Coordination of all planners and specialist consultants Organization and recording of planning meetings Create and monitor the planning schedule Plausibility check of the entire planning – quality control! Cost and schedule management in the planning phase

Interdisciplinary, model-based planning

As the general planning coordinator, we ensure interdisciplinary and holistic cooperation between all those involved in the planning. Meetings and coordination take place in our workshops directly on the digital building model. Changes or additional planning information can thus be entered directly into the model and are available to all those involved in the planning from this moment on. Masses and costs are read directly from the model. Planned manufacturing dates are recorded for the individual components in the model.

In addition to our experience and quality, customers appreciate our knowledge and technology advantage.


We answer your questions quickly and reliably.


Graz, Wien


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