OIC Tower Saudi Arabia

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

The new headquarters of the Islamic World Congress (OIC) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was planned in 2006 but unfortunately never realized.

The building complex provided for a spectacular 160 m high office tower and a congress center arranged around it. The Graz team of architects Bramberger / Pucher emerged as the winner of the international architectural competition.

Thomas Lorenz was a member of the general planner ARGE “12 Design + Engineering ZT GmbH” and was responsible not only for the statics for the tower but also for the internal project management and cost monitoring. The tender documents were completed in 2009 with an on-site partner, after which the project stalled and was discontinued.

Project Information:
OIC Tower Saudi Arabia

2006 - 2011

OIC Tower Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Royal House/Ministry of Finance KSA

OIC Tower Saudi Arabia

160 M.

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