Vienna Air Traffic Control Tower

Pinpoint landing

With the extension of the international airport in Vienna, the necessity of a new air traffic control centre including a control tower has arisen. A general planner competition was carried out in the year 2002 which was won due to an impressive design of Martin Zechner by the Consortium Zechner – Lorenz.

The tower has a height of approx. 108 metres and is divided into the plinth, an intermediate section with a membrane covering and the tower head. The plinth area extends over six storeys, accommodates the air traffic control centre and reflects the alignment of the orthogonal road grid system.

The tower head is twisted to its base of approx. 45 degrees to guarantee an optimal view of the runways. The intermediate section is covered by a translucent layer which could be used for advertising, information and art purposes. Its profile continuously deforms from the plinth to the head geometry. The main structure entirely consists of reinforced concrete. The tower shaft is more than 100 metres high and is shaped as a circular concrete pipe with a wall thickness of 45 centimetres. The concrete pipe measures 10 metres in its diameter and was fabricated in slip-forming. The load-bearing structure of the plinth storeys consists of conventionally reinforced flat ceilings with a thickness of 30 centimetres and of circular supports with a diameter of 30 to 50 centimetres.


Project Information:
  • Period

    2001 - 2006

  • Client

    Flughafen Wien AG

  • Costs

    36 M.


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