Start of construction for AT&S plant expansion

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Start of construction for AT&S plant expansion

The New Working World - an office building for about 300 employees - is still under construction, for the next construction project at the company site in Leoben-Hinterberg the official starting signal was given on 03.02.2022.
AT&S CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer announced the start of construction of the new R&D Center – a research and development center in the field of IC substrates – in front of representatives from business, science and politics. In addition to an office wing, a prototype line and small series production are planned on an area of around 44,000 m². The structure will be built where the employee parking lot was recently located. This had to be relocated to specially rented space. AT&S is investing around EUR 500 million in this project by 2025, creating around 700 new jobs in the region. The teams of Thomas Lorenz and Architects Collective from Vienna have joined forces to form a planning consortium for the structural engineering. In terms of time, it is now “spit in the hands”. The construction machines for the already approved early civil engineering measures are already at the construction site, and last week the submission documents for the entire project were submitted to the authorities. The first precast reinforced concrete elements are to be delivered to the construction site as early as June, with commissioning scheduled for 2023.
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