Waste Incineration Plant Pfaffenau

Turning waste into power

The municipal Environmental Protection Company situated in Vienna commissioned the construction of an incinerating plant in the Vienna-Simmering area. The site of the incineration plant is located between Wildpretstrasse and the Danube Channel. In cooperation with Vatter and Partners, Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH were responsible for the structural analysis as well as the building plans for the building components delivery hall, waste bunker, boiler-house, district heating hall, machine shop, and flue gas cleaning.
The plant was designed for a performance of 2 x 16t/hour of waste. This results in an annual capacity of 250,000 t. The built-up area covers approximately 11,000 m² and extends in height from -9 metres up to approx. +40 metres.

An important part of the plant is the so-called delivery hall, which houses approximately 1,500 m2 of the waste receival area allowing the simultaneous unloading of 12 trucks. Directly below this is an underground car park for 40 car parks as well as a workshop area.

Project Information:
Waste Incineration Plant Pfaffenau

2005 - 2008

Waste Incineration Plant Pfaffenau

Wiener Kommunal-Umweltschutzprojekt GmbH

Waste Incineration Plant Pfaffenau
construction costs

177 M.

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