Viva Salis Altaussee

The new health hotel Viva Salis by Hannes Androsch was built in Altaussee between 2013 and 2015. The complex, which is star-shaped in plan, consists of three building complexes that are modeled on traditional villas. The individual structures are connected to one another on the ground floor and basement for the lobby, spa and application areas.

Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH was responsible for the static and constructive processing of the 5-star hotel. The short construction time and strongly fluctuating groundwater conditions during the construction turned out to be a particular challenge. So that there were no delays, the entire lower edge of the building was raised by around half a meter.

Project Information:
Viva Salis Altaussee
field of activity

Static-constructive processing

Viva Salis Altaussee

2013 -2014

Viva Salis Altaussee

Parkhotel Altaussee GmbH

Viva Salis Altaussee

20 Mio.

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