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Whether bridge or underpass, the engineers of Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH are masters of both. In 2003, a three-stage, EU-wide tendering procedure was carried out for the static-constructive processing and architectural design of the underpass tracks on the Koralm railway in Styria. The bidding consortium Eisner-Lorenz-Seib emerged as the best bidder from this bidding procedure with a design by Martin Zechner and was commissioned with the execution of the planning services in January 2004.


The FW 12 underpass was planned in the Wundschuh-Wettmannstätten section in the area of the Weitendorf motorway junction as an underpass for the A9 Phyrn motorway. The structure consists of a 475 m long trough and an 800 m long underpass. In the area of the airport, a second underpass – the FW 2 object – will be implemented. The object consisting of underpass and troughs has a total length of 5.6 km. The possibility of a later connection to the airport was taken into account.

Project Information:
0000 000 Fo 190916 Tragwerksplanung
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Static-constructive processing

2003 - 2022


2003 - 2022


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