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The “Höhenrausch“ is an artificial paradise over the roofs of Linz and draws over 100,000 visitors yearly. In 2014, the State Government of Upper Austria agreed to four extensions. At around 25 metres above the ground, a 42 metre long, 15 metre wide and 9 metre high culture and events area with enough space for approximately 300 people will be constructed. Aside from a tribune for an open air cinema is an open area covering around 340 m² for various events – including an area for ice stock sport in winter. voestalpine is not only and simply the exclusive main project sponsor, voestalpine products also lend the voestalpine open space its structure and form. This is how the supporting structures are made of steel components that are otherwise used in the construction of high bay warehouses.

Bending instead of pressure

The self supporting rack system is up to 40 metres high. This means that the components are under substantial load and pressure. When large bent supporting structures are used in the levels, then things look differently. The entire steel construction was modelled using a special program in 3D until all the details were modelled and calculated. Out of the 3D model, more than 300 assembly and construction plans were generated. For this, more than 200 work hours were invested.

Project Information:
0000 000 Fo 190916 Tragwerksplanung

Static-constructive processing

incl. planning of steel construction




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Steel tonnage

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